Boulder to Denver Record Attempt



Moonwalk Events

Monday October 21st Our trip begins with a late afternoon climb up the 3rd flatiron in Boulder. The MFE team will climb the flatiron as dusk turns to dark, and then pull a moonwalk-rappel under full moonlight. As most of you Coloradans know, the flatirons symbolize Boulder. The 3rd flatiron is the ultimate of the bunch and we figure, what better place to start our record attempt than what’s been dubbed as the best beginning climb in the cosmos?!

After our climb and moonwalk-rappel is accomplished, we’ll move our party to the Barrel House where we’ll begin our training for the foosball match of the century. We are challenging Montgomery Burns and Mayor Quimby of the Simpsons to a match that will affect our national energy policy. We will be at the Barrel House from 10:30 until 1:30 - come out and help us train!

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