Boulder to Denver Record Attempt

Moonwalk Schedule

Leg 1
Monday October 21, 2002
– We are scheduled to climb the 3rd flatiron under full moonlight, and then rappel and moonwalk the symbol of Boulder (400 ft). We will celebrate the beginning of our world record breaking trip at the Barrel House from 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.
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Leg 2
Tuesday the 22nd
– The days moonwalk begins at the base of the 3rd flatiron and will finish at the intersection of Broadway and Table Mesa (2.5 miles). We plan on establishing the greatest distance moonwalked in 1 hour and then celebrating the record at the Southern Sun.

Leg 3
Wednesday the 23rd
– The moonwalk starts from the Southern Sun and goes from Marshall Rd. to Marshall Dr. and ends at Old Chicago in Superior (5.5 miles).

Leg 4
Thursday the 24th
– Old Chicago to B52’s. Our route is as follows: Marshall Dr. to McCaslin Blvd to Rock Creek Pkwy to Flatiron Crossing to Interlocken Blvd to Interlocken loop to Wadsworth and 108th.

Leg 5
Friday the 25th
– Wadsworth to Webster Dr., Webster Dr. to W. 80th Ave. 80th Ave. west to Multi use path to Lowell Blvd. Lowell to little Dry Creek Path.

Limpin’ Saturday the 26th – Little Dry Creek path to Pecos. Pecos South to Colfax,
Leg 6 Colfax East to the State Capitol Building (10 miles). MFE team will be spending the afternoon and night with Bob Dylan at the Pepsi Center. Find the blister bus near the front of the Pepsi Center and come say hello! Fastest 10 mile relay record attempt!

Rest day Sunday the 27th – Trip to Imax to watch newly released Space Station. Closing ceremonies at Governor’s Park in the evening.

Tour day Monday the 28th – Tour State Capitol Building

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