Boulder to Denver Record Attempt


Renewable Choice Energy

Renewable Choice Energy is a company that sells wind power to businesses, homeowners and renters. You can now demand that your electricity is produced by a wind farm, rather than by burning coal. Currently, over 90% of our electricity is generated by burning coal in Colorado, whereas, 1% of our electricity comes from wind power. The EPA says that the number one source of air pollution is electrical generation. For a small premium, you can demand that the electricity you use gets put back onto the national power grid by a clean power generated by a wind farm. The Moonwalk for Earth team believes that purchasing wind power is one of the most effective ways of fighting the brown cloud. Vote with your dollar and buy wind certificates from Renewable Choice Energy at


Moonwalk for Earth is fueled by Izze natural fruit drinks. Izze is a high quality drink without refined sugars like a typical soda. We support Izze for its great flavors and because it’s a healthy alternative to soft drinks. The MFE team will be handing out free Izze’s to people who moonwalk ¼ mile legs with us during our Boulder to Denver trip. Otherwise, you can find Izze at Wild Oats and Whole Foods stores. Before your next extended moonwalk, make sure to grab an Izze!

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