Promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency for a healthier tomorrow.

Moonwalk for Earth started in '99 as a vision for change. Since then it has gained momentum and is closer to reality.

Moonwalk for Earth aims to raise awareness for renewable energy and energy efficiency in an entertaining way.

The MFE team holds the world record for the longest relay moonwalk (30 miles), and travels to schools to talk with students about our
record-breaking feat while encouraging their involvement in the renewable energy movement.

In the spirit of JFK, we suggest a research and development program similar in scale to the mission to the moon, and for man to take one giant leap towards renewable energy!!!

Saturday, September 4th at Cervantes and celebrate Adam Hall and Ramsey Brookhart's recent 10-mile Guinness Book of World Records relay moonwalk in San Francisco... (read more)

One Giant Leap Towards Renewable Energy
9 p.m. Friday August 13, 2004

Presidential Candidates - click here to sign the petition
Join the presidents of more than ten international labor unions and send a petition to candidates for U.S. President, urging them to support the new Apollo Project for Good Jobs and Energy Independence. Help free America of dependence on foreign oil and bad economic conditions, make your voice heard.

Moonwalk , Boulder to Denver
October 21st - 28th

"We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors,  
we have borrowed it from our children."

-Chief Seattle

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