As we sit in traffic jams and wait for our highways to widen, brown clouds loom over our cities with idling coughs.  Do we drone on and ignore that our air is becoming filled with pollutants, or do we look for help?  The cosmic dance toward renewable energy can help. 

Ridiculous!  Unrealistic!...we agree, and this is precisely the reason we think Moonwalk for Earth will gain publicity and get the public, both young and old involved.  We aim to use the media to encourage direct and indirect involvement with our project.  People will be invited to join in and moonwalk certain legs of the journey, purchase power through renewable technology sources, and support measures that help increase energy efficiency.   

Now’s the time to join the cosmic dance!

 We have communicated with a number of corporations and foundations who have expressed great interest in supporting our financial needs.  We are also looking to become an affiliate of a non-profit to help fund raising efforts.  

We are customizing a school bus for our support vehicle and living space. We have taken out the seats, painted the bus, and installed two PV cells on the roof.  

The internal components will run on solar power.  The bus needs a shower, a toilet, carpeting, and other furnishings.   

Moonwalk for Earth's bus will be complete when the gasoline engine is replaced with a more fuel-efficient hybrid engine. 


Support from personal donations is also greatly appreciated and necessary.  You can donate now to help make our trip possible, or pledge a certain amount of money per mile moonwalked.  We encourage anyone interested in getting involved to contact us with new ideas.   Make a donation



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